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Eamavijaya.                         27

descending from above. The weapon fell where he was
standing; and it having looked sharp and powerful, he
tried it on the thicket, but, to his great astonishment,
the thicket was cut into two parts, and there flowed a
large quantity of blood. Lakshumari was afraid that
he killed some ascetic, while meditating in the thicket;
and in order to satisfy himself about it he immediately
went to Rama with the khadag and informed him of what
had happened, when Rania said, " Brother, do not be
afraid. The blood which flows through the thicket is of
a demon called Shabari. This demon is the son of Sur-
panakha, a sister of Ravana. He was meditating in
the thicket unobserved with a view to get the weapon
from Siva. The god had sent the weapon for him. If
the weapon had gone to the hands of the demon, he
would have annihilated the whole of the universe with it.
Thank God that you have got it; and I tell you to take
a particular care of it." Lakshmnan was glad at this
information and cheerfully attended to his duties.

On the day Shabari was killed by Lakshuman, Sur-
psnakha found in her dream that some calamity had be-
fallen her son; and having been awakened, she, accom-
panied by four demonesses, immediately started for the for-
est to look for her son. She wandered in the forest and
at last came to the thicket; and seeing the blood there
she searched the whole wood and at last found that her
son was cut into two pieces. As soon as she saw her son,
she fainted and cried violently for him. The other four
demonesses condoled with her ; and immediately after, they
burnt the body of Shabari and went in search of the enemy
who had killed the demon. They traced Lakshuman from
his loot-prints ; and in order to revenge the killing of her
son, Surpanakha formed herself into a beautiful damsel ;-.
and taking with her the four demonesses, who had also
formed themselves, into very good maid-servants, she went